Hurricane plan and preparation

The past few days have been surreal. So many emotions. It’s hard to hold in the tears. A hurricane so destructive, registering on a scale that is pushing the limits of what anyone has ever witnessed, covering so much ground destroying everything in its path. Friends, family, on islands, in Florida, some staying, most are leaving everything behind. Predictions still have it on a path heading straight towards Florida and we are taking no chances. We have begun the process of leaving beautiful Florida… not knowing what we will come back to….

Our Plan:

Our main priority is to get to a safe zone in the RV. Right now we are going to try to make as much headway North then cut West into the United States. Georgia then Tennessee. Starting here in the Miami area, we have lots of ground to cover before we are out of Florida. As of today we have started to make our way North through Florida. Most places have run out of gas, the few gas stations that have gas each line has about 30-40 cars waiting! We choose to wait to fill up again once we were out of the main cities, still pretty busy, but the lines have significantly been reduced. A look of concern, rushed, gazed with disbelief are the faces we pass, so much on all our minds. Traffic has been building up, but so far going somewhat steady. Tolls have been suspended to help people evacuate. Stores and business are boarded up and abandoned. Looking at the cars we pass they are all packed with belongings, kids squished in between.  All of this seems so unreal never experiencing anything like this first hand I can’t help to think how many lives will be effected….what will be left of Florida? We have a long ride ahead of us but we are pushing through. The baby is safely sleeping in the car seat, and has been such a little trooper. Right now it’s 11:30 pm under a full moon and we’re still driving….  Being able to take our home with us, we consider ourselves more than lucky to be able to do so. Grateful to have the little we have. Only stopping for fuel, we are on a mission to get the hell out of dodge.

Our sailboat:

Ever since we took our sailboat out of the water it has been prepared for a hurricane. On dry land bolted into concrete in  FT. Pierce, now all we can do is hope we will have a boat to come back to. Taking everything off and utilizing it on the RV, the boat has been left bare. Thankfully this is the least of our worries. We love our boat but in the end it can be replaced. Leaving our boat has been heartbreaking but right now getting ourselves safe is our focus, our priority.

How we prepared:

Stocking up on food, gas, and things we might need for the baby one can never have enough. We packed in what we could to last us a while. Having a reverse osmosis water maker aboard has been a real comforting feeling. Instead of buying water, we have been making our own. Holding plenty of water on the RV, if it came down to it we could survive for a month without having to refill. If we need electricity, our onboard generator has got us covered. Always ready to go off the grid I suppose this has been something we have always been prepared for. So now we do, what we have been doing for quite some time now… we simply pick up and leave…. time to move on once again….


Honestly, as easy as it may seem to just leave no one be fully prepared for something like this. Mother nature has her own plans and the force this particular storm might bring could be catastrophic. A disaster like no one has ever seen. Thus, getting to a safe zone and leaving should always be something to consider before braving through it. But if you are stuck in the path here are some things to think about.


Always get to higher ground. Watch for things around you that could be a danger. Trees, cranes, construction zone, even benches or loose concrete structures.

Make sure windows, doors, any open area is secured shut.

Stock enough water and food for at least a week.

Fill up on gas in your car and take stock for your generator.

Have a emergency kit on hand, candles, batteries, flashlight, flares.

Lastly, always help others when you can.

While there are many more things I could add to this list my hope is that many will leave Florida. I hope everyone will stay safe, keep their loved ones close and always keep in mind the one thing that cannot be replaced, is each other. Life is so fragile, so beautiful, together we will get through this. Stay strong. Positive vibes to everyone on the islands to Florida and on. Keep all of us in your prayers.


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