Dear Beau

I am writing this even though you are up in doggie heaven and I’m sure it would be quite difficult for you to read this… Although you have been an amazingly impressive guy it would not surprise me you learned to read up there. Either way I hope this letter finds you, this is for you Beau. No matter the logic, honestly I never really looked at you as a dog, but like a person, an old soul, you were family, we were your parents. I want you to know first that I -we love you so very much. As time goes by (and I realize its only been 2 months)  the love we have for you will never fade. You are in my dreams often and I know how hard you try to let me know your ok. I get the message clear as day you are waiting for us and being a good boy. I really love to see you and cuddle with you. Even if it’s only in my dreams now and it’s for a short visit, I love every minute. When I wake up and realize it was a dream, I feel tremendously sad but the love I have for you is stronger. The memories of the love you gave us every day I keep close to my heart. Because of this I smile instead.

You really shined through as a mountain dog and as a sailing dog, no doubt you totally impressed us every day! I want you to know not many dogs understand English and Spanish, or like to jump off of sailboats as well as you did or travel to the places you got to see! Boy did you know how to have fun…

They say you can’t teach a old dog new tricks, well you have proved that saying to be wrong. Learning every trick in the book, it got so hard  for me to find more things to teach you…. Only if you had fingers…


Always generous with your besos, all the women and kids loved your doggie kisses. A precious sweetheart that touched hearts around the world. Every time I pass a playground I laugh because I remember so vividly how you loved slides. A funny ol’dog that had the innocent heart of a child. Such a gentle soul. Truly a best friend.



The best protector to our family. You listened and stood up when I felt alone in this world, you were always by my side. Always. I want you to know Im still careful not to cry because it made you worry. Never letting me have a runny nose, preventing any tears. I remember how you licked my face before they had a chance to come down my cheeks. Even now when I start feel the tears come down I instantly try to stop them. Always thinking of you I still never want to worry you. Because of you I am stronger….. I sure miss those besos….

You have touched so many lives I want you to know. So many people, so many furry souls have missed your presence, and they all have a good story about you. And I guarantee they will never forget you either.You were special. A precious soul that didn’t have a bad bone in your body.

Coming up on your 11th birthday I wish we could have had another beach party for you. I wish I could swim in the ocean with you one last time. Now, all we have are memories. Only the best of times that we will cherish forever.

I always understood you would only be a here a portion of our lives. But what I didn’t understand is why your life had to end so soon. Why did cancer choose you? Cancer freaking sucks. Well we never really know how long any of us will live I suppose. I just hope we made your time here on earth the best for you. I hope you had a damn good time hanging out with us. You made us notice what is really important in life. To give unconditional love. To be happy every day. Even through the pain you gave us your best. You reminded me every single day how much joy there is in the simplest of moments. And I hope you know you prepared us to become parents. I thank you so much for being in our lives. And most of all I thank you for keeping your promise to me. You got to see our son.

Thank you for spending 2 whole months being the best furry big brother! I cant tell you how proud we were of you….

You did your best fighting that cancer. You are one tough dog. Those two months you gave us was worth more than you know. I relished in that time. Savored each moment. For that short time I had everything I ever wanted in this world. My family together. And I thank you for that.

Honestly, it gets really hard for me not having you here, it means the world knowing I can still talk to you. This letter is just one of the ways I want to remind you how much we love you. I appreciate all the signs you give me. I know it was a lot to ask for at that exact moment….but I needed to know you were ok. Pretty cool how you made all the dogs bark in the middle of the night then suddenly stop, it was really impressive how you instantly responded. Oh!…  And the other time the dog and little boy came up and hugged me just when I needed it….I know that was you, your  amazing. I see a bit of you everywhere and in everything. Its like your peeking around every corner just to make sure were ok.

It feels comforting to know you are watching over us. Knowing your doing good and keeping the connection strong. No matter the time that passes I want you to know that we will always keep you in our hearts….

Thank you for giving us the best of you… up until your very last breath you showed loved. Giving me your last kiss, giving us your whole life. We will never forget you Beau. I hope this letter finds you just when you need it the most. A reminder that you have a family that loves you so very much. I send this with a great big hug and kiss… and a couple of high fives too! We love you Beau bear.


P. S.

Don’t forget to find us a good spot. We will be together again someday. Be free Beau. Explore the unknown. Find peace. And please visit me often. I – miss – you – so – much.

With all my heart…
Love love love,

Your mommy


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