9 months – by sea and land we grow!

Time sure flies by like the wind. 9 months ago we were venturing all over the Florida Keys in our sailboat, from Key Biscayne to sailing the Dry Tortugas into the Caribbean and back. Wanderers, aimlessly anchoring where we could get a good glimpse of the sunset. This was our life-  easy breezy. As I sit here in our RV that is parked in the backyard of our family’s property in Los Alamos, I look out towards a mountainous terrain in awe of it all. Nearing the end of my pregnancy big and ripe as a watermelon, tiny kicks, and now contractions that tell me he is almost ready to enter this world I am amazed how far we have come….

Olivia frank

From a sailboat to an RV this our 9 adventurous months.

Month 1-3 ( First Trimester)  – We are having a baby, OH BOY! 

In South Florida, palm tree heaven, sunny warm climate, where sea-life filled the salt water terrain. Sailing everyday was not just for fun but a way to get places, to see nature in its natural elements was an every day occurrence. The ocean was our neighborhood and our neighbors -fish.  Waking us up by lapping against our hull, five years on the ocean was like a dream. When we found out we were having a baby not much changed the first few months. I think not being able to see the changes physically, or even feel them internally it didn’t seem real at this point? We kept dreaming and continued sailing but this time our route included doctors appointments.

I went swimming in the ocean practically everyday, dolphins played around us, we sailed just like normal getting the wind in our sails as much as possible. Sailing around like kids on a playground, head in the sky, feet in the water we made plans up as we drifted along. Then the day came when we heard his heart beat, it changed everything. Wow, a real human being is growing. Thriving off my body. A part of me, a part of my husband, and a part of the sea. As we were sailing one day the idea passed through our minds wouldn’t it be awesome to visit family and venture by RV? Since the idea of a baby on the way was a reality we faced with open arms, being back with family and friends we have not seen in such a long time seemed heart warming. That’s when the idea of doing this became a passion.

Could we really accomplish a RV life on land AND keep our sea life? This was something that seemed far out, so was living on a sailboat but here we are! 

So what about the boat, what would we do with it while on land? It would be cool, but really a hard step, land? Really!? …Only if you promise me we will be back on the boat to raise our baby on the sea. My captain quickly promised me by saying, for sure! We agreed, and like all good things we decided to let it manifest at a sailing speed, we kept moving forward. Next stop, the Bahamas!


Month 4  ( Second Trimester) Sailing the Bahamas!

This was my favorite time. My belly was now growing showing signs of life, our boat was in great condition, my captain- my hero. After a long sail rocking and rolling through the waves into the night and across the Gulf Stream before sunset the next day we were approaching land. I loved every minute of that sail. Now in the beautiful Bahamas it was a piece of heaven. We stayed here for a month celebrating the new year and all things good. I took this time to take in all the sailing and sea life around me. I basked in the sun and swam in the sea… every moment here was a time to cherish for a lifetime.

Olivia Frank

Month 6-8 ( Into the third Trimester)  Across the United States we go!SeaUs

This was go time. We put everything we had into making this next venture work, by living with less we survived off the earth as much as possible, saving money. We made it back to United States and pulled the boat into the dock tying the lines to land this was her last sail for a while. This awesome boat kept us safe, and no doubt we had a blast every nautical mile! I absolutely love this sailboat with all my heart. In Ft. Pierce about to take our house out of the water and set her up on the hard dry land, the feeling was surreal. Knowing what was on the horizon it wasn’t until we took everything we needed off the boat and it was left empty, bare, I felt the same. Quite sad. Deep down inside I know we are going to be back on this vessel again and next time with a new crew member! Subsiding the sadness until then, our sailboat awaits patiently for our return and I hold onto the day we are back sailing again. Having already purchased our RV that was parked in the parking lot of the marina we quickly transferred all our things to our new home on wheels and made the transition.

SeaUs BabyRight before we left for the Bahamas literally the first RV we stepped into to look at became the one that would be our new home! The price, the layout, it was perfect. How we did this all in such a short duration of time was like magic. Well, more like a marathon where we were the only ones competing against ourselves, and on top of that I was 6 months pregnant. Whew! It really is funny how things just work out. The transition from a sailboat to an RV was smooth, not easy, but worth it. Making another dream a reality, there are no secrets to how we did it we simply just believed in the goal and did everything we could to make it work.

It wasn’t easy, it was worth it.

big benNow with all the hard work behind us, the sailboat out of the water stored on land safe and sound awaiting our return we started our life on the open road. It was interesting how the two different lifestyles were so different yet so alike. In some aspects the RV felt alot like the sailboat! With no definite route all doctors appointments behind us, we were all in good health, a good state of mind, we ventured across the United States! This trip was a like a new beginning, a fresh start with a whole new perspective. Being at sea for over 5 years we came back not the same as we were once before, but different in a good way…. movers and shakers able to survive off the earth, just us and nature we find comfort in solitude and the challenges we face. Hauling our necessities similar to our sailboat life this time we are carrying a precious cargo from the ocean, created by us!

our route

June, the last month of pregnancy – Our baby from the ocean is almost ready to come into this world!

Salty souls with a new outlook and how we function as a couple, not only did we come back different people but by living with less it gave us more room for life, our dreams.  A wild sea adventure and a road journey under our belt, we have arrived to where we planned to have our baby! _20160526_170543Beating all the odds against us we are now on the home turf where my husband was born in. Los Alamos, New Mexico. A small town with a history of atomic elements, discoveries of natural wonders, where everybody knows everybody we are the outsiders looking in. Creating a vibe all our own, drifters that have landed temporarily here to give birth to our son, which should be any day now!!! We wait patiently for his arrival. Living life on the move by having less, our little baby boy will soon make his way into this world… and we are ready to show him how beautiful life can be!

40 weeks pregnant

Its better to have little and experience the world….

With Love,
From the ocean and now by land we continue to explore.


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