Plans in sand.

Since the moment we moved aboard a sailboat over 4 years ago we knew our lives would change forever. Living a life of travel, keeping it mobile with a baby about to enter our lives very soon we recently chose to transition to a temporary life on a RV where change has been on the horizon every day! Being on land again is a little weird after being at sea for so long I admit, but growing life on the move and seeing familiar faces again has been so heart warming. Traveling the full duration of my pregnancy, half of it sailing and the rest road life has been a magical turn of events, some good, some not all bad, but a path filled with lots of adventure that’s for sure! …So what is on the road ahead??

So whats the plan?!? We live in the now. 

Plans in sand.

A term that has much meaning to us. Plans in sand. Living the way we do we know things can change in an instant, just like nature. By sailboat and RV exposed to the elements, nothing is ever the same, nothing routine and that’s what we love! For us traveling is a way- of- life. Every day going into the unknown with plans in sand, hopes. We are simple people and one of the few souls who are survivors in a world where we yearn to travel and simply found our way out to do just that. Going where our hearts take us by maintaining a simple minimal ethic, only keeping the necessary. Just like a day at the beach, high tide or low tide, wave after wave, our plans are always in sand…. and we plan on doing this for as long as we can.


There is no going back to a secure land locked home, for us there is only forward.

So now as we add another crew member, a new outlook with a little soul in tow on our venture living life with less. I wish I could tell you we have this super duper sweet organized strategy, but honestly all we have is a simple plan and our hopes… drawn in sand. Here is the next phase in our lives as we hope to see it.

First, the focus is to have our baby come into this world healthy and happy. With the baby due in June just around the corner we are staging ourselves temporarily in the hometown my husband was born in, with hopes to have our little boy on the same sacred grounds in Los Alamos, New Mexico. Surrounded by family we plan on letting them get to know our little creation before we are off again. Once he gets all his immunizations and check ups we will then make our way back to the ocean by RV to our sailboat that is patiently awaiting our return. Venturing across the United States on the open road on a route back to Florida and our sailboat. With hopes to raise our baby aboard we will sail onto the next journey taking it day by day exploring this beautiful world keeping our son close to nature and all things natural along the way. By land and sea we will keep traveling and keeping it minimal. This time around…as a family!

Only hopes. Our hope is that our boy will be the best parts of my husband and I. And that he will have a big heart and not my big my feet, if he likes sailing all the better. I hope he yearns to make this world a better place and will enjoying traveling as much as we do. Surrounded by movement spreading the positivity and all things natural we hope to teach him the real treasures in life. To collect moments not things. To respect all living beings and all that we have lost in this world.  To survive and adapt but to most of all give love.  To find the good in everything and never give up. To help repair the damage we have done to our planet. Expanding his mind to see how little we really need to actually live, and how beautiful life can be appreciating the simple things.  I want this little boy to relish in the possibility of dreams, to do what makes him happy every- single- day. Living a full life with no regrets. This is our hope for our little guy.

So much to teach our little creation, so many places to explore. This is the next phase in our wild life. In the reality of things he will be the one teaching us a new journey within ourselves, a new set of eyes…. and we look forward to every minute.

This is our plan. Our hopes. Simple and sweet.

6 Months Oklahoma

As we travel this world your guess is as good as ours to where we will end up next. I can tell you we wont be far from water, and the ocean will always be calling our name, but the idea behind it all is in motion. We are living the life we have dreamed of.  We don’t have much, and we plan on keeping it that way! Far from a normal life and while it may not be a secured land locked safe familiar neighborhood we wander like nomads creating our own path. Growing life on the move raising our little boy into a world of travel maintaining a passion and journey all our own we live each day appreciating the little things and what every day has to offer. The more unfamiliar, the better. This is life by our own design…

We are wanderers not lost, but travelers about to raise our son close to nature… we roam.


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