Life with less. The next chapter.

In my last update we had wonderful news with lots of anticipated changes on the horizon….A plan that grew as a new life began to grow. Now that everything is in motion its going to be another wild ride that’s for sure!


Once we found out we had a baby on the way and before the changes began, so we didn’t lose focus we first promised ourselves these 3 simple things.

1. We will not let go of our sailing life or the boat. Our sailboat will always be our home.

2. We will keep traveling. Living minimal.

3. We will raise this baby with as little as possible, and give him a life surrounded by nature.

Simple enough we proceeded ahead full speed turning our plans into our next journey in life. To be on land again and reunite with family and friends to welcome a special little guy we created on the ocean. Not to leave our sailing life behind but a way through with a return ticket.


As my body holds a precious baby growing in my belly every sunset initiated change was on the horizon. An eye opening experience of a daily transformation – Mind, body and soul. Traveling and sailing during this transformation was an interesting ride for sure, a special time that I was fortunate to have experienced half of my pregnancy. AND one that I did not want to let go.


Our first house. Sailing life.

First off we love sailing. I absolutely love sailing. That feeling of freedom, the natural push of forward progress only wind can give you. Seeing the sails fly up above like wings to a bird. The smell of the salty ocean, that first breath of the cabin that warms my heart. That nautical earthly vibe only a sailboat can give runs through our blood. We were was not born by the water nor does our family have a gnarly history of sailing. Easily supporting an idea, a far out dream my soul mate had…the more the dream became reality, the more it guided me to a place where I learned more about myself and the world around me. Teaching us more than any school or college could do. We became one with the earth and learned so many invaluable experiences of survival.


But most of all a love as big as the ocean grew inside.  A love for life and everything that surrounded us. My soul mate, my captain, my hero. My other half and I grew closer and had a connection with each other that blended like salt to water. This was the best bonding experience any couple could go through, a love deep as the ocean is embedded in our soul indefinitely binding us for life.


BeauOur once mountain dog Beau became the best sailing companion, this salty soul turned into the most awesome water dog ever.  Jumping off the boat and climbing up swim ladders like no other. I was impressed everyday with his sea skills. Everything around us was magical. We adapted so well to something that was so new to us. Trying everything under the sun we were utilizing our skills and going that extra nautical mile.


The delicate serene touches from the natural world, like therapy. Sea creatures opening my eyes to a world so different so sweet it was like a dream….a dream I didn’t want to wake up from. We could have stayed here forever playing on the big blue, an open field with no limits. A world away from everything familiar. But as time went on we realized in actuality our house did have limits, land limits.

Living on a boat for the past 4 years by far has been the best dream we have made come to life. As I look back we did fulfill our goal and we totally rocked it. Traveling through the Caribbean, and pushing forward rebooting our work lives in the United States all from this sailboat. Distancing ourselves from what society programs you to do, we are nomads in a modern everyday world. Making ourselves mobile and succeeding living life with less. Creating a whole different way of living and working this is our life, our way. Not easy by any means, we are trying our best everyday to sustain simplicity. Thriving in a world of complexity by maintaining a simple ethic. Life with less – Less stuff, more life. The reality of working so hard to achieve this thoroughly thinking of all the aspects, what we are able to live without has given us more. More to live out our dreams. So for now, we are simply putting our sailing life on hold.


The count down to our journey. Land ahead. 

I cherished every moment up until then. Taking in all the good. I felt our baby boy move inside of me every time those sails filled with wind, I know he is going to love sailing as much as I do. Every moment was a count down to the day we would be stepping off this sailboat. This was our home for the past 4 years, our life was recreated from this vessel.

My husband had to single hand the boat now, sailing side by side for so long he realized how much we relied on each other to sail. Then, for the first time in my life I knew I had to hold back to protect a life that grew innocently inside of me. Realizing myself all we have been through, together. So when the day came when we had to leave a home that had so many good memories. I was painfully sad. My captain on the other hand was totally opposite, he was ecstatic, energized and practical. I do understand his thought process and family we have not seen for so long happily awaited our return. But I honestly think it took a weight off his shoulders in the aspect of keeping us safe, and keeping his tomboy of a wife out of trouble. Bless his salty soul for he could not see my open sore and how I felt. As my body that held our baby slumped over like a bag of potatoes with no intention to move. Once off the boat seeing it above me being taken away being held in slings as a heartless machine carried it further away. Suddenly it overwhelmed me and a woman holding onto the last bit of sailing life, I finally had to release my grip. Unable to hold back anymore emotions came out with a force. Tears rolled down my face like the salt water that rapidly dripped off our boat as it hung in the air out of the water. Both being drained as if to preserve all the good. As my husband held me in his arms, he kept reminding me of all the good ahead of us. The new adventures to come. Then he said something silly, “wow you really loved that boat… more than I did?”  Granted this was not forever but the thought of putting our boat on land AND us being on land was kind of detrimental to me for some reason… I totally loved this boat, with all my soul.

beau-boatAfter my tears dried and there was nothing I could do but think of it as a piece of our hearts being preserved. The next time we would be stepping on this boat we will have an extra pair of little feet, experiencing a whole new world through his eyes. This day I hold onto. For now, our sailboat awaits the arrival our new family. In a dry storage out of the water sitting high and dry, preserved. She rests…


A new course. The back up plan. Living on a RV

Now, here we are on land. I’m feeling big as a manatee, in a world I have lost touch with and honestly just as awkward out of water. We have swiftly made the transition to our back up plan. It was hard mentally and physically to transition no lie. The “back up plan” was always just a idea. Never really put much thought into going back to land actually much less becoming a mother truthfully. So when we had the idea to do the RV lifestyle as a back up plan (mainly if I were to become pregnant) was something that was like a oh yeah right proposition. But when the “oh yeah right” became a “oh boy!” literally. It really began to settle in like a wave that came out of nowhere. We were going to be back on land. Revamping for what’s ahead, budgeting our lives for a little one on the way. The more we dove into the wave the more it felt like an all around good move that is now taking us on a ride into the reality of it all. Realizing we have been away from our family and friends ever since we moved on the sailboat. We missed them tremendously, and the thought of being closer to them during this time to welcome our new addition was special to them, just as special as it was for us. Our “mobile” home was just the solution to do just that.


Big-benThe back up plan was more that just an idea, it was a plan to reconnect with all the familiar faces again. A refreshing new version of our life with less… with lots of sea stories under our belt. A mobile outlet where we are not stuck on land, we are exploring it in this RV. As we look ahead with only the best of whats to come, keeping the nautical terms even when on land we are sailors now on the open road. An adventure across the United States is on the horizon with a different anchorage each week.. From the boating life of Florida to our destination of New Mexico to have this baby we are keeping it minimal in this mobile path in life. Where there is no definite route only the ones we create, focusing on what’s important in life we may not have it all figured out, we are simply making it work. If we can survive on the ocean for 4 years, (even though land has some major frightful aspects) I think we will manage to find our way on the hard. 😉  Its been a magical ride and sweet to think the next time we step aboard this sailboat we will have a baby in our arms.  For now our new adventure is ahead on wheels and the next chapter in our lives has begun….

SeaUs Baby

Change is always a good thing.

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  1. Margi February 14, 2016 at 9:53 pm

    Great article. We miss you.

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