Clifton – Union Island, The Grenadines

12:30pm We leave Chatham Bay which is located on the the NW side of Union island. As we sail out of the bay I leave a piece of my heart. Its crazy to think where we are in this beautiful world and how small we are. Here we are in the Grenadines on a sailboat, just us. Exploring, excited to see whats next we keep moving further south down the chain of Caribbean islands. We will round the island from the West to get to the other side and hang out in Clifton ( NE side- X marks the anchorage. Wind and current against us, sails furled, we motor on over.


2pm. Anchored in Clifton bay, its Sunday. We go to land, everything is closed, Bummer. No people out. Nothing is open, its like a deserted town. We leave Union island and head back to our boat in our dinghy. Then, something catches our eye. We see a little island in front of us. Looks cool from a distance so we go over to check it out….


A huge guy with a smile just as big comes out and says, tie your boat here no worries. Welcome!

This is Happy Island. The rasta vibe, the beautiful scenery, way cool. Not only did we get to hang out with Janti, who happens to make the best Rum punch ( watch out,very potent! ), but we also found out he built this island! It started with a dream, as all good things do 😉 With concrete and conch (lambi) shells, he built. With an abundance of discarded shells in this region he has no shortage of supply. Lambi has a natural biodegradable shell which he intelligently recycled into a sturdy foundation. Designed and engineered with a creative imagination he turned his dream into his reality, a paradise, a happy place. He shows us pictures of the progress. Walks us through the layout, pointing out things he built, how things work. He catches rain water and filters it, uses solar power for energy, kinda sounding like a boat?! Inside, soft white sand covers the floor as we walk bare foot. Hand made crafts adorn the walls. Its dreamy. Over the past 12 years he has been working to get to this point adding to his island everyday, and the name could not be any more perfect. Happy Island.


The only way to get here is by boat which makes it that much more special. But what really makes this place special is Janti. He has the most welcoming smile and a warm kind presence, creating a vibe that is contagious. We really enjoyed his company and related to his passion. A passion for a dream far fetched, reached. A goal attained though pure persistence.  The passion for life and all it has to offer. If you ever have the chance to visit Union Island, its a must stop. Before we left, I gave him a necklace I made in the Bahamas out of sea-glass and beads. Instantly he puts it on and gives me a kiss on both cheeks and a great big hug. He wishes us safe journeys and we leave with the Happy Island vibe. Big Smiles.  Thank you JANTI for the wonderful memories. Much love big guy :)

Never forgetting the power of a dream we continue on our adventure full sail :) Tomorrow we clear out from customs then its on to Carriacou to clear in for Grenada. If this is a dream don’t wake us up!


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