DR5 hour sail from Punta Rucia, felt like a lazy day sail. We clear customs and Beau. Which was a breeze. A new Comandante (customs official) was very professional a big difference from the one we experienced in Punta Rucia. Dominican Republic is notoriously known for customs officials being pretty shady and this new guy from what got translated is really changing things making it more friendly for cruisers to visit. NO fear a new Comandante is here! Which he asked about our experience in Runta Rucia and Olivia was happy to tell him in Spanish all the details. We are cleared in and  have to come back before we clear out to have our boat searched. He didnt have time to do it at that time so instead of having us wait he simply told us to enjoy our stay as we were only here for a few days. 

We spent Olivia’s birthday the next day and got to explore land. Riding in the back of a truck taking s into the jungle as pretty sweet. Waterfalls, hiking, and wondering through town.  Its very VERY hot here now!

The following day we re-provision and got fuel. We get fuel from a guy in a small boat. The first thing the guy says is “Im in the book , you know the book? Van Sant?”  The book he speaks of is – The Gentleman’s guide to passages south (Thornless Passage) by Bruce Van Sant. Which Van Sant happens to live just up the mountain overlooking the bay.  We reluctantly get fuel from him sketched out by the way he has these barrels on his boat he guarantees over and over the fuel is clean. We get fuel and hope for the best.  Done deal.


  1. Tan July 21, 2012 at 11:54 pm

    You should stay in the Colonial Zone. There are all sorts of hotles in a variety of price ranges. In the Zone you do not need a taxi. All the bars, restaurants, historical places are all within walking distance. It is quite safe as long as you use your head. There are nice clubs, Colmados and friendly Dominican people. Best of all you do not need a taxi to go out in the day or night.

  2. fadi July 23, 2012 at 1:43 am

    i stayed there for 2 weeks, the only thing that pseisd me off was the concierges.. they approached us into going to a presentation,at the time we didnt know what it was ,but it was to buy a time share, and i felt we were being harrassed into buying a timeshare..that alone kinda ruined our holiday so i wont be going back to dreams palm beach.. the best thing about it was the entertainers.. they are brilliant!!

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