Gulf Stream crossing – We arrive in Bimini…The Bahamas!!

Message in a bottleCrossing the Gulf Stream was pretty interesting. Big waves, like mountains. Rain. Wind. Rolling our boat about like it was a little toy in the ocean. It was all very exciting, but then it got kind of queezy. All of us were feeling a little under the weather. Taking all the preventatives as we started this morning, definitely helps. Sea sickness is showing on Beau, he is toughing it out. Good Boy. Were all resting and thinking is it going to get worse? It does. We prepare. We go through some NE winds at 25 kts. Which we got an indication we might get this studying the weather, but we chose to go for it considering our time frame to get down south to Grenada before hurricane season starts. Taking our chosen window, this was it lets go! Waves get bigger and the clouds come in to dampen the mood. We ride it out. Everything is getting wet. And I seem to have to use the restroom every ten minutes! You dont want to be in the cabin when its like this, thats when you really get sick. I rush in and out as fast as can. Bruising my skin and bones with every attempt. I get some energy to go find a bottle and some paper to write a message. Yup. Message in a bottle, can you hear the song? I drop it right in the middle of the gulf stream with the hopes someone will find it one day. Water is all were consuming, but thankfully no one is using the bucket. We eat tuna and crackers for a late lunch. I pour tuna water in Beau’s water, he has not wanted to drink any water today. He puts his whole head in the bowl. That was it, he wasnt sick anymore! Same with us. All of a sudden we catch a fish, not sick anymore! And its a dolphin ( Mahi Mahi) We spring up and Ryan goes for the line while I grab the Vodka to dose him with…the fish that is. Ryan got that big fish, all under sail. Just as a 10 ft wave looks like a wall behind him as we just rode a huge one! Happy and grateful for the catch. I pack him away for dinner later. Celebration dinner! We are getting close and the weather is looking good towards the Bahamas. I finally have a chance and the energy to video , see below. This was the calm part, no worries. We made it to Bimini,  just before sunset.  Dodging reefs. Timing was excellent. Dock our boat in Blue Water Marina so ready to relax. We are greeted by another sailor and the dock master he has a pleasant character, very welcoming and funny. The other sailors were wanting to hear all about what we just experienced as we were the only boat that came in that day. We exhale. Then with a dinner made for kings…we inhale a yummy Dolphin (otherwise known as Mahi mahi not Flipper) dinner and do a little happy dance, a shot of rum and ZzzzZzzz….Sweet dreams!


  1. Danielly June 21, 2012 at 3:07 pm

    this was very interesting

  2. Eric April 12, 2015 at 2:47 am

    I see a plant on the boat. Is there any restrictions for that crossing international lines?

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